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Hear what others have to say about their VigoFitBody fitness, massage and nutrition experiences


Kathy Najimy

I worked with Victor on and off for over a year. I found him to be flexible, considerate and very effective.

I worked at home with him and he was very considerate of my time, my health, and my goals. Just a great person to be with.

Lori Weitzner

I have been working with Victor for over three years now and cannot say enough about him as a trainer and as a human being. He motivated me in a way I had never been before, and I have worked with other personal trainers. He understands what needs to be done, pushes you but just the right amount and he always makes it fun. His has a wonderful work ethic, he is professional, reliable and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the physical body and where and how to optimize. I would highly recommend him to people of any age and any level.


Marisol Miranda

I was referred to Victor by a friend who spoke highly of Victor’s ability to help clients achieve their goals. Victor’s massage sessions were restorative and rehabilitative, enabling me to maintain my weight-training schedule without disruption and stay on track toward my goal.  I’ve never been more pleased with a recommendation.



I have been getting weekly massages from him for approximately 12 years, now. Victor always goes beyond expectations. While he knows my musculature, my tender and tight spots at this point, he always starts a session with a check in: Has anything changed since we last met? Is anything new bothering me? Did anything work particularly well last time?

Victor is thoroughly versed in the body structure – bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments – and knows what connects with what. So while I might say I’m feeling discomfort in one area, he’ll figure out and treat the source of the problem –which may be an entirely different body part.

I’ve been to numerous massage therapists. Victor is exemplar in his flexibility and individuality. He is happy to work with me to adjust his pressure to my liking. He utilizes a variety of therapy types depending upon what’s called for on that day or for that problem. Whether he is working on me, my wife or son, he is always impeccably courteous, professional and a pleasure to be around.

It’s has been terrific working with Victor for the past 12 years and I look forward to many more.



I have worked with Victor for over three years now. Not only has he accommodated my very intense schedule as I ran a business, traveled every month, and raised three small children, he has kept me moving and motivated for that entire time. Training with Victor helps to keep me conditioned mentally and physically, making it possible to perform at peak at work and with my family. I always look forward for my sessions with Victor because he’s innovative, challenging, and really pushes me to my limits.

I’ve had several injuries over this period — a torn Labrum, Chronic Lumbar disc flare ups. Victor has consistently constructed total body work outs without aggravating any of my pre-existing injuries, while also working to increase my range of motion and focus on stabilization and strength.

Until this day I have maintained my ideal weight and body composition, and feel healthy, strong, and motivated. I can truly say not only is Victor an educated fitness trainer, but he has also a truthful being and a faithful friend.


VJ Comando

Victor is by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. When I started with Victor, I was 100 lbs. over my medical weight and had just been diagnosed with a serious medical condition – with many complications. I had not worked out for over a decade, and was smoking more than a pack a day. What I think is pretty unique about Victor is his combined experience and knowledge in both the medical field, as well as with physical fitness. Also, he has this great ability to put you at ease – and is incredibly patient.

After the first appointment, I had more energy and focus than I had had in years. Within weeks, I felt like a new man. I went on to lose 60+ lbs. – dropping down to my proper body fat count. Without Victor, none of this would have been possible. He helped me through really rough times. I am doing exercises that I have never done before, nor would I have thought I could do. I am living the life I always wanted to live.

Woman in Suit


Whether we’re doing a work-out, a massage session or just chatting about some minor, momentary ache or pain, you’re always “just what the doctor ordered.” I always look forward to seeing you, and always know I’ll be better for it! All the best!


Sara B.

Victor changed my body and attitude towards fitness. Prior to meeting Victor, I couldn’t bear going to the gym. But I had just given birth to twins and decided I should motivate myself and start training. I had tried other trainers before but they were either too repetitive, uncreative and unchallenging. Victor made it fun, interesting, taught me about form and how the body works. It wasn’t just lifting weights with him. It is an all over workout, challenging and strengthening your core and understanding why you do each exercise. I learned so much from him! He turned me into a fitness junkie with toned arms and strength! All of which I never had before! He’s so knowledgable about the body, especially sensitive to pregnancy and injuries.

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